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          Office Cubicles and Workstations - Click the Links for the Gallery


26- 6'x6' Herman Miller AO2 used cubicles with one pedestal per unit, great condition Herman Miller cubicles $475 ea.

53" drop to 48" cubicles, 6'x6' used Herman Miller


50+ Hon cubicles with glass, blow out at $245 ea.!

Hon cubicles

30- Knoll Dividends used cubicles w/glass 8'x8', 8'x6' or 6'x6', only $495 ea.

Knoll Dividends

35- Herman Miller Ethospace with 2 pedestal per unit, $495 ea.

Herman Miller Ethospace

12- 5'x4' corner work stations includes rolling pedestal, only $295 ea.

9- Steelcase Answer 6'x7' cubicles, only $495 ea.

Steelcase Answer

ONLY 3 left- Knoll Dividends 6'x8' Ugroups with glass, high end cubes for cheap, $495 ea.


Knoll Dividends

30- Herman Miller AO2 6'x5', midheight cubicles for $275 ea.


22- 7.5' x 7.5' ALLSTEEL used cubicles, Loaded work stations, $225 ea. 





37- Herman Miler AO2 high/low Spacious Used office cubicles, $265 ea. 


Herman Miller AO2

20+ Knoll Dividends 6'x6' 48" to 65" clean and high end cubicles, only $550 ea.

Knoll Dividends

12- Premium, clean Haworth premise 6'x6' w/48" high panels, low profile, $395 ea.

Haworth Premise

8-Herman Miller Stackable used cubicles w/glass, $375ea AWESOME DEAL

80+ Knoll Dividends Premium Used cubicles, 6'x6' & 6'x8', $595 ea.

knoll dividends 6x8

20+ Kimball 6'x5', 48" high cubicles with one pedstal ea, only $275 ea.

20+ Kimball 6'x5', mid wall cubicles, only $375 ea.20+ Kimball 6'x5', mid wall cubicles, only $375 ea.

10- 6'x6' Teknion used cubicles w/glass, excellent value at $475 ea.


9- Herman Miller Ethospace 6'x6' cubicles, only $550 ea.


Herman Miller Ethospace

20 Herman Miller Vivo, 6'x6' cubicles for sale, clean & high end, $450

Herman Miller Vivo

10- Herman Miller AO2 with glass are perfect, $450 ea


Herman Miller AO2 with glass

40- 6'x8' Herman Miller Canvass, Premium used cubicles, Ugroups, $395


Herman Miller Canvass

35 Herman Miller Vivo w/glass, high end used cubicles, from $495ea.


21, Steelcase Answer, high end thick panel systems furniture. $375 PER STATION


6'x5' Steelcase Answer

12- 5'x5' Herman Miller AO2 cubicles w/glass, $495 ea. Excellent 


Herman Miller AO2 5'x5' cubicles w/glass

Herman Miller AO2 5'x5' cubicles w/glass

10- Teknion work stations, Used cubicles/managers stations, excellent condition - $650 ea.


Teknion Ugroups

150- Knoll Morrison used cubicles, high & low/high panel-Clean 


Knoll Morrison

8- Herman Miller Ethospace 6'x6', very nice, great condition. $395 ea.


Herman Miller Ethospace

Knoll 5'x5' cubicles, 11 available @ $295 ea. Affordable used cubicles


Knoll 5'x5' mid wall cubicles

28- Herman Miller Enhanced w. glass, 7'x7' used cubicles, $495 ea. 


Herman Miller, Used cubicles

60+ Haworth Premise Enhanced Large U-goups (And more) with glass 


Haworth Premise Enhanced

10 Left- Haworth Unigroup cubicles, Buy 10 or more at $295 ea. 

Haworth Premise

Teknion high end cubicles, build in a 6'x5', 6'x'6 Lshape or 12'x5' U group. 60+ available.

Very clean- Only $695 ea. 


Teknion Leverage

12 Haworth Premise high end modular office cubicles, configure into 7'x7', 6'x5' 6'x7'

BLOW OUT  $295 ea.



12- 8'x8' Haworth Premise with glass, very high end used cubicles- - $650 ea.


Haworth Premise Mahogany with glass

100+ Knoll Dividends 6'x8' cubicles, only $695 ea.

Very nice, very high end 


     6'x8' Knoll Dividends

27- Kimball 6'x5' cubicles, BLOW OUT AT $250 ea. ----SOLD

Kimball Internation, used cubicles


50+ Knoll Dividends 6'x6' cubicles, only $595 ea. ***SOLD***

Knoll Dividends

15 LEFT!- 6'x6' Steelcase Kick w/high to low walls, used cubicles -$375 ea. ***SOLD***

22- 4'x2' Herman Miller call center stations, $175 ea.--- SOLD

Herman Miller AO2 call center

Multiple C and H inventories from $225 ea, click here

12- Haworth Premise cubicles, ***BLOW OUT AT $295 EA. --SOLD

8 Left - 6'x6' High end Tayco cubicles, very clean with glass, only $595 ea. --SOLD

16- Steelcase 9000 used cubicles, $295 ea.--SOLD

70- Steelcase kick office cubicles, 6'x6' cubicles, $495 ea. ***SOLD***

70- Herman Miller Canvas, very high end cubicles includes ***SOLD***

48+ 4'x3' Teknion call center stations, includes one pedestal and one overhead cabinet, only $175 ea. SOLD

Teknion call center stations

24- Teknion Leverage w/glass, very high end, $450ea --SOLD

Teknion, Leverage, used cubicles, office cubicles

100+ 7'x8' (or configure different sizes) 81" high offices w/some glass, only $995 ea.Teknion TOS, Modular Offices ***SOLD***

Teknion TOS, Modular Office

55- Herman Miller AO2 6'x6 with a bit of glass, only $425 ea SOLD

Herman Miller AO2 6'x6' used cubicles

110+ Teknion Leverage with glass, very clean, excellent condition high end cubes, very clean $700 ea. ***SOLD***

Teknion Leverage

40- 6'x6' Knoll Reff Office cubicles with glass, only $595 per station----SOLD

51- AIS Office cubicles with glass, 6'x6' and 6'x8' cubicles,

only $595 per station, plus install. SOLD

46 Maispace Office cubicles with glass, high end cubes for cheap! Only $350 ea.----SOLD

60+ 8'x8' or 6'x6' Haworth cubicles with glass kits, very high end cubes for only $595 ea.----SOLD

20- 6'x6' and 6'x8' Tekneon Office cubicles with one 2 drawer lateral file, $395 ea.


32 Herman Miller AO2 Partners stations

Only $325 ea.----SOLD

Herman Miller AO2 office cubicles

250- Steelcase 9000 Enhanced call center stations, only $325 ea.  ***SOLD***

Call center stations

70+ Herman Miller Vivo, high end cubicles, $695 ea. ***SOLD***

Haworth Premise, used office cubicles

60- Herman Miller AO2 office cubicles- $695 ea.----SOLD

34- Steelcase Answer office cubicles- $325 Ea.----SOLD
Steelcase Answer Office cubicles
70+ Herman Miller Ethospace Wave - $475 Each
Blow Out Special
200+ Tekneon Office Cubicles - $239 Each
--- SOLD
40+ herman Miller Ethospace, Only $475 SOLD
11- 6'x6' Tekneon Office cubicles Only $199 SOLD
20 - 6.5' x 5' Glass cubicles by Maxon SOLD
9- Low wall Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles, Blow out at $295 each SOLD
11- 6'x6' Herman Miller AO2 Office cubicles, $295 ea----SOLD
22- Kimball Xsite, high end office cubicles with glass.
8x8 U-groups $695.00, 6x6 corner units $495
14- 6x6 AIS Office cubicles with 50" high panels with 2 pedestals per unit, only $395 each SOLD
30+ 6'x6' Tekneon office cubicles fully loaded, buy 30 at $295 ea., plus installation! Blow out price! SOLD