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Selling your office cubicles

Updated: Jan 12

       Are you selling your used cubicles/office furniture? 

Here is a blog from Bob Culviner,, the Co Founder of C and H Office Solutions.

We are constantly seeking nice, clean, slightly used modern workstations of high quality, usually American made from the top manufacturers of cubicle systems to resell at an affordable cost to new or existing businesses in California, Nevada and Arizona.

The Question we always receive? What can I expect to get for my “used” cubicles?

NOTE: The answers to these questions are designed to help you with us or help you with any other office furniture/cubicle company.

There are many factors that can affect that equation. So, I would like to address all the different situations that MIGHT affect the overall outcome

But, just to give you a quick estimate of what you might receive for your units, here is a quick synopsis:

If you have relatively new units of good quality, you can hope to get anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00 per unit.

But, there are many factors that can also appreciate your value if you have the cubicles that are currently “in” or the “hot” configuration or colors. 

Right now, most new customers are seeking mid height, 6 x 6 size, gray or white colors, white or gray laminate and glass all the way around. If by chance you have something like that, you might get the higher scale of return on your workstations

WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? That is one of the hardest things to explain to clients. I PAID 3K for my unit or 50K for my 15 stations and you are going to offer me basically pennies on the dollar. Say, $2,250.00 for my inventory.

The sad ending to the story is “yes.” Here is why: the workstation has been “taboo” for 3 years. Only 50% of employees are even returning to the office within the last year after Covid. The cubicle which was once a mainstay of the American office is now a piranha on the floor.

Businesses are closing, moving to more business friendly states, downsizing or allowing more employees to work remote. NIGHTMARE.

AND, I hate that reality. I hate that. It has been tough on a lot of us after the pandemic. There has been no easy street for many companies and this is just another negative result from the pandemic.

On a positive note, things are improving but this is just the negative reality

Let me get back on point

Things that can affect what I can hope to get for my units either positive or negative.

1, How much time do we have?

This is the one key way where you can get more for your unit. If you know you are moving or closing your office or ending your lease? DON’T WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE TO HAVE SOMEONE REMOVE YOUR UNITS. If you can give us 2 months? The more time the merrier. 

We can then advertise and market your units. If we can sell your inventory before you move it works best for all of us. We can essentially “flip” your product to another customer. That is the ideal situation.

Or, say you have a larger inventory. And, if we can come in and pick 10 or 20 units at a time and move them to a new customer that is also ideal. It allows us to again basically “flip” your product and we don't have to load, off load, store and sit on your inventory. Both these situations will give you the best negotiating leverage with us or any other “used” cubicle company.

2.)  As we said earlier, if you have the right inventory. The right look, the right color,the right height, glass, you might get $150.00 to $175.00 per unit. AGAIN, if you give companies adequate time to move your inventory.

3.) The next “hot” ticket is benching units. These are basically straight work surfaces with a panel tile separating the employees with an underneath storage unit. These are popular as many companies are going to a partial return to work agenda (3 days a week) and these are not full blown workstations, more of a place for an employee to have their own work space but not take up too much office real estate. Allows companies to downsize  office scale and save money. These units can get anywhere  from $25.00  to $100 per seat.

If you have any more questions concerning  cubicle purchasing, email us at;

Robert Culviner

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